Pre-sale Successfully COMPLETED - Main Sale Apr 4th

Trust With Blockchain
Trust With Blockchain

All reviews will be linked to actual financial transactions, providing consumers with reviews that are real and unalterable.

Nation-Wide Expansion
Nation-Wide Expansion

The 50,000+ customers that the Prandecki Brothers have previously connected to contractors will be onboarded on the Bob's Repair application.

Smart Contracts for Smart Contractors
Smart Contracts for Smart Contractors

Bob’s Repair will leverage smart contracts to hold payments in escrow and issue them as milestones are completed.

"Verifying identities of all involved parties through a blockchain identity verification solution" Read full article

About Us

Anyone that has hired a contractor in recent years for home repairs has faced three problems: false information due to review fraud, hidden costs due to advertising fees, and inflated prices due to lack of pricing transparency. Bob’s Repair is here to change that.

The Prandecki brothers, together with blockchain experts and experienced software engineers, founded Bob's Repair with the mission of launching a decentralized platform that will bring trust and fair pricing back to the consumer.

In order to fight review fraud, advertising fees and provide the consumer with transparency, the Bob's Repair Application will be built on the STEEM blockchain, which has a three second block time and no transaction costs.

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Trusted Reviews

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts protect all parties involved. Bob’s Repair will use smart contracts hold payments in escrow and issue them as milestones are completed.

Trusted Reviews

Trust with Blockchain

Fraudulent reviews mislead consumers. Bob’s Repair will use Blockchain technology to link actual financial transactions to reviews, bringing trust back to the review process.

Pricing Transparency

Transparent Pricing

A lack of transparency in pricing results in higher prices for consumers. Bob’s Repair will allow customers to see how much contractors have previously been charging for similar jobs, making pricing transparent.

STEEM Blockchain

STEEM Blockchain

Bob’s Repair will use the STEEM Blockchain due to its three second transaction time, no transaction costs, ability to upvote, flag posts, and build a user reputation.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

The Prandecki brothers have previously facilitated over 50,000 service calls generating over $1,000,000 USD in revenue. They know the problems facing the home repair industry and how to fix them.

No Advertising Fees

No Advertising Fees

Competitors charge advertising fees to contractors. Contractors pass this cost onto consumers. Bob’s Repair will not charge advertising fees, which will result in lower prices for consumers and better margins for contractors.

What People are Saying

John McAfee

"One of the most interesting brick and mortar ICOs I've seen."




"Brick-and-Mortar Shop to Hold Token Sale"

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Token Sale


Start: 04 Apr 2018

Hard cap: 30,000 ETH

Soft cap: 6,000 ETH

Token: BOB

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 6000 BOB


50% Token Sale

20% Team

10% Legal

20% Reserve



Total token supply: 360,000,000 BOB

The exact number of tokens generated will depend on the amount of funds contributed.

50% of the tokens will be distributed to Token Sale participants

Early bird bonuses are outlined in the White Paper. Join our Whitelist and Telegram channel to receive special bonuses.

20% of the tokens will be allocated for the Team, Advisors and Bounty Campaign

Information about our bounty campaign can be found on

20% of the tokens will remain in a Reserve Fund

The Reserve Fund will be used to provide rewards to new customers, accelerate the growth of the token ecosystem and expand the company's operations.

STWP Concept Was Formed



The Prandecki brothers began connecting consumers to contractors in a fair and transparent manner.

The Start of Bob’s Repair



Connected over 55,000 customers to contractors and decided to decentralize the industry by launching Bob’s Repair.

Bob's Repair Inc. is formed



Official announcement of the formation of Bob’s Repair with the mission of eliminating fraud in the skilled trade industry through a decentralized marketplace.

Token Pre-Sale

Jan 4th


Pre-sale opens to investors world-wide.

Main Crowdsale

Apr 4th


Soft cap 6,000ETH
Hard cap 30,000ETH

Platform Development



Development of the Bob's Repair Decentralized Platform

App Development



Development of the Bob's Repair Interface and application for consumers and contractors.




The Launch of the Bob’s Repair Platform and Application


White Paper

White Paper

White Paper Summary

Whitepaper summary

ANN Thread

Ann Thread

Bob's Repair Treasure Hunt

Be the first to find the USB stick and claim your tokens.

Las Vegas


Our CEO droped around 15 Flash drives while skydiving generating over 300,000 views on twitter in the process.


In Progress

For this drop we hid the flashdrive near a Vulcano!



Look out for the token drop happening in Portugal, expected in Q1 2018


In Progress

The token drop in the red square in Moscow.



Look out for the token drop happening in Tokyo, expected in Q1 2018



Look out for the token drop happening in Singapore, expected in Q1 2018

Penang, Malásia

In Progress

We hid a Usb in Penang, All you have to do is find it.

Phuket, Thailand

In Progress

Another treasure hidden on Paradise beach in Phuket, Happy hunting!

Meet our team

Frideric Prandecki

Co-Founder, CEO

Management Student - Harvard University

Alexandre Prandecki

Co-Founder, COO

Management Student - Harvard University, Architected the development of the Skilled Trade Worker Platform

Brandon Kite


Univ. of Washington - Former Lead Developer at DragonChain and Senior Software Engineer at Walt Disney Company

Todd Conley

Co-Founder, CIO

Microsoft, Vanguard, MBA - Technology Management - Univ. of Washington.

Evgeniy Tatarchuk

Senior Developer

API and CRM Development
Developing and testing the Skilled Trade Worker Platform (STWP) since 2014

Pavel Rubin

Blockchain & Software Developer

Mathematics and Electronics Graduate from Moscow State University. Data Scientist and Developer for Blockchain Ethereum contracts and live sports.

Alain Schoovers

Senior Front-End Developer

UX / UI Design & Interactive Web Development.
CEO & Lead developer at Aseity Solutions.

Dr. Christina Czeschik

Market Growth Analyst and Strategy Consultant

MD with Board Certification in Medical Informatics. Information Security and Blockchain Analyst and Writer. Member of German Blockchain Bundesverband.

Roland Ericsson


Practicing corporate law in Nevada for over 40 years

Anna Tiurina

Social Media & Communication Manager

University of Western New Mexico

"Bob's Repair, the Decentralized Marketplace for the States" Read full article

Trusted Advisors

Andrew Filipowski

Executive Chairman and CEO of SilkRoad Equity

Steven Sprague


Anders Larsson

Crypto Investor. Blockchain Advisor. Founder allcoinWiki. Telecom CTO.

Mark Friedler

Advisor, coach. Blockchain, crypto, SaaS, media/games, former startup CEO

Tomasz Jackowski

Ex-Director of Société Générale Bank

Vitaly Pecharsky

Head of IT Operations,

Greg Buchan

Systems Engineer, IT Security Solutions

Virtual Growth

Crypto Philosophical Entrepreneur

Monty Lapica

Founder, Coloma Ventures & Thought Division

Early Boykins III

Crypto & ICO Advisor

Marek Lucek

Senior Forex Analyst


Stay tuned for updates on Bob’s Repair, the Token Sale, the home-repair industry, and the crypto-community.

CEO Frideric Prandecki Presenting at the D10E Conference of Decentralization

January 30, 2018

Bob's Repair Video Blog #3

January 12, 2018

Live from Tokyo, Japan.

Introducing our New CTO

January 2, 2018

Bob’s Repair is proud to announce Brandon Kite as its new Chief Technical Officer. Brandon will be in charge of creating the BOB Application Ecosystem. His previous work experience as Lead Developer at DragonChain and Senior Software Engineer at The Walt Disney Company will bring decades of industry expertise to the Bob’s Repair team. Brandon said, “I am very excited to be a part of this community and I know that the team and I will build an amazing platform that will create a decentralized marketplace.” After a long and exhaustive search, Todd Conley, Chief Information Officer said "I'm happy to have Brandon join our engineering team, he's a valuable asset to the community and his fullstack knowledge and desire to leverage blockchain will help us disrupt the home repair industry!"

Bob's Repair Video Blog #2

January 2, 2018

Bob's Repair Video Blog #1

December 21, 2017

Brothers Alex and Fred's Air Conditioning unit brakes. They call a repair man and due to fake reviews and high prices run into a problem fixing their unit. Alex comes up with the idea to create a place where customers can connect with honest and economical skilled trade workers.

The StartEngine 2.0 Summit

November 10, 2017